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Why the USA?

Colleges in the United States are considered to be the best in the world, especially in Graduate Education. If you still do not believe this, consider the number of Nobel Prizes awarded to US educated individuals. Private institutions as well as reputable public institutions all offer outstanding learning opportunities. Here are some of the reasons people consider the United States for higher education.

    1. It can be done mindset
    For serious people, a chance to study in the USA or just living in the USA, you suddenly get this "I can do this" mindset. Despite the many problems, there is no other place on earth where people are receptive to new ideas and there is ready venture capital. You realise that in most cases only "you" limits "you".
    2. What's in a Name?
    A degree from a reputable college in the United States is very valuable investment. It provides recognition and employment opportunities in almost every country.
    3. Abundant Financial Aid, especially for graduate education
    No other country matches the amount of financial Aid( scholarships, assistantships, grants, work study) available for many areas of study and graduate education.
    4. The quality education
    US education systems offer excellent resources for students. Most colleges have well equipped libraries, computer and science labs as well as grants available for research projects.
    5. The variety fields of study
    The variety of the subjects and the fields that you can study at colleges in the United States are unbeatable and students have a great deal of flexibility.
    6. The post school networks
    As a student,it is likely that you will meet people from all over the world at your college (in 2006, about 700,000 international students; over 7000 other Kenyan students). As a graduate student, you will get to do research with other colleagues in your field in the United States. This may lead to collaboration with international researchers if you return to East Africa.

The Small print
Do not forget the negative aspects of a USA education. See the COST and SOME PROBLEMS KENYANS EXPERIENCE . More importantly, see our word of advice below.

Word of advice
Weigh the good and the downsides(See comparison matrix). Consider other alternatives, especially for undergraduate education outside of the USA. We at, having studied and lived in North America for a long time, strongly advice that Kenyans come to the USA to pursue Graduate studies, and only consider undergraduate education in the USA if and only if you attend one of the top universities, are well funded and/or have a full scholarship. It is extremely difficult (in fact virtually impossible to many students) to work and pay your way through undergraduate degree successfully.


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