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HealthCare FAQs
Health Care


You probably know that the most expensive aspect of life anywhere is Health Care. More so in America. Without health insurance, your health care is greatly at Risk in America. Health Insurance itself is very expensive for individuals but more affordable through the work place.

    Consider this:
  • in 2005, about 40 million working Americans had no health insurance!
  • in 2006, it rose to 46 million working Americans having no health insurance!
The information presented here should enable you make wise decisions about your health care. Note that it is totally your responsibility to be in charge of your own health care. America is a dollar driven society, and Physicians are not angels.

Here you should find information on:

How Africans under-developed Africa

Consider all the devastation your action in going to the west is likely to cause to your home country,especially in professional areas in healthcare ( Doctors, Nurses) and academics and foremost, your contribution to manpower and capital flight. If there are problems at home, who will provide solutions if bright people such as you do not?

       Unethical or Market Forces?
  • The USA, the UK, Canada, Australia rather than train their own nurses, is promoting the recruitment of foreign medical workers, especially from African countries, who just barely manage to train their own medical workers, and is in need more than developed world.

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