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Living in America

Living in america

I want to live in the USA! is an often expressed wish from many, especially those from countries that are economically challenged, feel oppressed or just want a new start.

The U.S. remains one of the most attractive destinations. The Lawful Permanent Resident status ( or Green Card ) is the Holy grail sought by most immigrants. Immigrating to the United States is a complex procedure with no guarantee of success. Here you should find information that should make the process easier for you and enable you to make informed decisions.

The information found here includes:



How Africans under-developed Africa

Consider all the devastation your action in going to the west is likely to cause to your home country,especially in professional areas in healthcare ( Doctors, Nurses) and academics and foremost, your contribution to manpower and capital flight. If there are problems at home, who will provide solutions if bright people such as you do not?



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Know about STEM!
Missing the dream
My Credt Card?
Pharmacy:157,000 by 2020 (The Pharmacy Manpower Project,2002)
RNs:118,000 by 2020 (American Hospital Association, April 2006)
Know about STEM
Over 4m healthcare workers needed urgently in 57 countries, 36 in sub-Saharan Africa" (WHO April 2006)
World Bank Report, ~ 42% of Kenyans in America are "brain wasted"!
Choose a Career wisely. These are the skills that are in demand now and in the future

The USA, the UK, Canada, Australia rather than train their own nurses, is promoting the recruitment of foreign medical workers, especially from African countries, who just barely manage to train their own medical workers, and is in need more than developed world.
Well, whose fault is it? We choose to take the bait? What do you thing?

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