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Skilled Worker

Visa Officers are authorized to substitute for the criteria listed here and to accept or refuse the applicant no matter what points are awarded. In addition, The Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, may grant a Canadian Permanent Resident Visa to anyone who is otherwise inadmissible.

The purpose of the points based system is to determine those likely to benefit the Canadian economy, which means, for you, the ability to become successfully established in Canada from an economic perspective.
    These are the step to follow to gain from the Skilled worker program:
  • Meet the minimum requirements
  • Evaluate yourself based on the various factors
  • Gather required documentation ( Police certificates, medical exams-see forms and instructions about these)
  • Download forms and instructions from the CIC website and fill as required.
  • Submit forms and wait for a Visa appointment.
Note that if you are successful you must show that you have enough money to support yourself and your dependants after arrival in Canada or that you have arranged employment. Also, to latter be able to apply for citizenship, you must be prepared to live in Canada for at least some 2(?) years in the last 5(?) years before the citizenship application.


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