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Studying in Canada

Studying in Canada

One advantage of studying in Canada is that students are allowed to workout without permission on campus and off campus with permission and that the student Visa is dual intent (unlike USA's F1, UK's or Australia's)- meaning you do not have to show that you intend to return home

Canada takes in fewer East African students, compared with the USA or the UK. Before deciding to study in Canada, use our site to find information to assist you make a winning decision:
    DO NOT just believe the Adverts, sales Agents representing the various institutions and what they say: They are there to sell Canada!
    Also, to get a better value, all factors considered, consider the other destinations (USA, UK, Australia, RSA)

Which is best? Kenya? Uganda?, the USA?, Canada?, the UK?, Australia?, the RSA?, Compare them side by side

To study in the Canada, you must have been accepted on a course of study at an educational institution and in addition to the student permit (use form IMM 1294), you need to obtain the TRV (Temporary Resident Visa). Additionally, you may require a medical exams and police clearance.

The cost of study(in CAD) is between ($4,500-$16,000) for undergraduate study and ($5,200-$11,000) for graduate studies. These are much lower that US,UK fees and slighly lower than Australia fees.

Kenyan students can apply for scholarships offered by various sources, but note that these are very rare and thus there is intense competition for the international student scholarships. Students can generally work half-time (20 hrs) during study time and fulltime during holidays.

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